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Green Horizons: Paving the Way for Sustainable Cities & Communities, A Blueprint for a Thriving Future!

India is in need to address issues such as slum development, traffic congestion, air pollution, and insufficient access to basic services in many urban areas. India, like many rapidly urbanizing nations, faces a host of challenges related to urban development.

Bal Bharti Academy, in partnership with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has contributed to community development by constructing community sheds in the Dhule district of Maharashtra. Furthermore, in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), we have taken steps to enhance the safety and vitality of rural communities through the installation of 100 solar LED street lights in remote areas, we aimed to provide residents with a safer environment, ensuring their ability to navigate their communities during the night.

Our Projects


No. of Beneficiaries: 50 Villages

Location: Dhule, Maharashtra


Identifying the lack of such spaces in several villages in Dhule district, BBA partnered with L&T CSR to construct three 2000 sq. ft. community sheds in Ner, Sitane, and Horpada villages, initiating infrastructural development. The successful completion of this project has set the stage for replicating similar initiatives in over 50 villages.


No. of Beneficiaries: NA

Location: Pilibhit, U.P, Pali, Rajasthan


Leveraging CSR support from PSUs and Corporates, BBA had undertaken successful Solar light projects, erecting 377 solar street lights in villages across Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. This initiative, providing cost-free lighting, has not only eased daily life but also contributed to enhanced safety by reducing crimes such as theft and crimes against women.

Recycling & Waste Management

No. of Beneficiaries: NA

Location: Delhi/NCR

Recycling & Waste Management

The project, "Recycling & Waste Management for Cleaner Tomorrow," is a targeted initiative set in Delhi/NCR to tackle pressing issues related to waste disposal and improper waste handling. It addresses the critical importance of waste management, emphasizing the detrimental problems stemming from inadequate waste processing.

Make A Difference

Addressing complex, deep-rooted issues requires a robust partnership among Corporates, Government, and NGOs. Together, let’s join hands to bring positive change to marginalized communities.



Join Bal Bharti Academy in our mission to empower women and girls, fostering lasting and meaningful change. Become a valuable member of our team dedicated to addressing the root causes of poverty, establishing resilient and adaptable communities, and securing a life of dignity for every woman and girl in the most marginalized and vulnerable areas.

Connect with us by emailing contactus(at) to explore opportunities to collaborate and contribute to our impactful initiatives. Together, let’s work towards a future where every woman and girl can thrive and lead empowered lives.