women oriented programs

Women Oriented Programs

Bal Bharti Academy has initiated numerous efforts for women empowerment. Self help groups for women, tailoring classes and broom makings for women, special health camps for women etc. are few of them.

We encourage girls for Bal Bharti Academy’s Trainings to bring forth the leadership qualities.

Women empowerment is to the creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. Empowerment of women does not come merely with a graduation, or a PG degree empowerment comes, when women have an understanding of their capabilities and are able to take independent decisions and making women more conscious of their rights and responsibilities and to achieve economic capability and also importance of their socio – economic development. This programs have helped to spread knowledge about health care and nutrition, thereby enabling mothers to keep their family in better health and to care better for their children. The socio-economic empowerment approach has relied on improving women’s control over economic resources and strengthening women’s economic security. The results also suggest that policies to rise women’s age at marriage enhance their educations and open greater employment opportunities will also help to empower them, at least in some respects. Our goal is to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls. Our training will help women as a multi – dimensional social process that gain control over their own lives

Women Oriented Programs

1.  Menstrual health management (MHM) ASSOCHAM along with Bal Bharti Academy has been addressing menstrual health issues and on its own have taken multiple initiatives which have helped us refine our approach and design the program to optimize impact.

Contours of the Program:

  • All the participants were provided one packet of reusable sanitary pads with 18 months usability
  • Participants received free lunch and a stipend of Rs. 100/- to incentivize attendance. The program was well appreciated by all the participants as well as Sarpanch of the village stressing the need to have more such interventions.

Impact of the Program

  • These trained girls/women assured us to disseminate information to other females in their surroundings and create awareness
  • They understood the importance of personal hygiene. They were introduced to reusable sanitary pads which can be used up to 18 months and are cost effective
  • Further, they were educated that these pads are Environment friendly and easy to dispose
  • They were sensitized on RTE, and that mensuration should be cause for school dropout and absenteeism

The girls and women felt empowered to carry the messages on hygiene practice into their households and community.

2.  Women Leadership Development Scheme

Aims & Objectives

To improve the skill development, crime against women, education, family planning, rights of women, banking knowledge & hygiene.

Project Goal

To create awareness among the women from minority, who belongs to rural areas of India

Target Group

Women below annual family income of Rs.1.5Lacs. & in the age group of 18-65 years

Problems to be Addressed

Skill development, Crime against women, Education, Family planning, Rights of women, Banking knowledge & Hygiene