Project - " Nai Roshini "


Bal Bharti Academy has initiated numerous efforts for women empowerment Self help groups for women, tailoring classes and broom making for women, special health camps for women etc are few of them. To improve the skill development, crime against women, education, family planning, rights of women, banking knowledge & hygiene and creates awareness among the women’s from minority, who belongs to rural areas of India. Economic self reliance brings dignity and self respect in a person. This helps person to avoid instinct of corruption or crime in him/her. The Literacy classes conducted under awareness program have given women as opportunity to break the isolation which is socially structured into their lives, giving them a chance to meet other women and learn collectively- rather than learn singly as individuals. The newly acquired awareness have enhanced their ability to solve family problems and learn new skills. Women are communicating how they have started feeling more confident, how their articulation has improved, how they have become more discerning and how they have learnt to function autonomously.

In order to support and promote leadership qualities in women for betterment of their livelihood and making them more independent, empowered & emboldened. Bal Bharti Academy carried out the project Nai Roshni “scheme for Leadership Development of Minority Women” under the guidelines of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India. Bal Bharti Academy executed this scheme in UP, Gujrat, Jammu & Kashmir