MOOCs can play an important role in enhancing knowledge base of students in rural area, where there is no access to quality education.

The most amazing fact about this journey was the minimum inclusion of secondary facilities like computer and internet. The outcome of the journey indicators that even with little input the results can be a tremendous.

The primary purpose of this initiative was to break the barriers of accessibility to infrastructure & distinguished faculty in delivering quality education among rural population. Thus delivering education using MOOC sin Rural areas we can combat the cost of infrastructure and in process delivery quality education.


Chota Mawana in Mawana Tehsil with an Average literacy of lower than the National average literacy rate and 17% of population under 6 years. Our TG comprised of students in the age group of 7-15 years studying in village schools and madarsa.


Today MOOCs can play a pivotal role in enhancing the knowledge base of students across rural areas in India, where there is no access to quality education.The very fact we under line is that with minimum inclusion of secondary facilities like computer and internet the out come was tremendous. MOOCs happen to be an effective tool to deliver quality education at an effective cost. But our findings shows that mere presence of MOOCs was note no ought solve the issue,as for rural masses it was hard to interpret the video lectures,voice and accent & language. Comprehending the same video lecture in local language with help of a facilitate or appealed to students to imbibe the knowledge and thus enhanced their learning.

During our month long project we found MOOCs learning to have improved their knowledge and learning of the subject matter. Students showed remarkable progress in grasping the subject matter which is reflected in their pre and post assessment results.

The only challenge here was the inadequacy of computers in village schools and poor internet connectivity. If we can overcome this, MOOCs brings the path breaking solution that Schools, Government and non- government organizations are always looking for.