Mission Manjri

Mission Manjri

Mission Manjri : Covid Support For Tier 2-3 Cities & Villages

Bal Bharti Academy NGO

Our Aim

To tackle COVID challenges, we want to provide Covid support in following ways:

  1. Oxygen beds: We aim to provide oxygen beds to all needy with doctor’s consultations by converting Hotels to Covid Care Isolation centers, especially in the tier 2-3 cities.
  2. Rural Haryana medical support via education
  3. 1st level support: In partnership with Haryana Government / administration to help arrest the spread /cure of COVID in rural Haryana. In Wave 2, COVID has spread much deeper in the hinterland where awareness of the disease, and medical support is nominal (still). We are partnering with NGO and village level panchayats to develop a 2 member taskforce for each village. This taskforce would be trained in COVID information by doctors and then would go each house in the village to ask them covid related questions to detect if any member of the family is positive (via 10 question based pointers).
  4. Home Supply of Oxygen Cylinders & Concentrators
  5. Doctor Consultation through online platforms

Current Situation

Current Covid wave is shattering families at a never seen before scale. Our health care infrastructure was definitely not ready for this. One can hardly find a bed at any hospital and precious lives are being lost because of this.

With a large number of covid care facilities the burden on hospitals will reduce. So we can reserve the hospitals only for critical cases.

We plan to achieve the goal by converting existing hotels to covid care and isolation centers. These centers will be equipped with:

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen cylinders for backup
  • Nursing Staff
  • Full time Senior Resident Doctor
  • Doctor Panel on call through telemedicine platform
  • 3 meals a day
  • Clean and healthy environment

We’re planning to take patients who are at an early stage of Oxygen requirements or require Isolation. Any serious condition patients would be referred to the hospital.

Separately, we will purchase the medical & support equipments for 10 villages in Haryana. Each village would be supported with masks, thermometers, OCs, oximeters. Also, we will train up up to 6 volunteers for each village who will do door to door checks for awareness, testing, and medicinal support to contain the spread in rural India. From here, we will expand to other states

Our Partners

  • To take care of the commute
  • Even deliver medical supplies to homes
Volunteer Doctors and support from big medical Institutions
  • Best doctors just a call away
  • Helping with their telemedicine platform and doctor panel
Bal Bharti Academy
  • The NGO is helping us with funding and also lending a helping hand in multiple other operational activities.
Smart Own
  • A jewelry / appliance renting service provider, giving its software to use in for managing oxygen cylinders and concentrators.
Bal Bharti Academy Partners
Bal Bharti Academy Partners

Who We Are

Pulkit Srivastava

Entrepreneur, IIT BHU


Rishabh Srivastava

Pediatrician, Covid Warrior, Photographer


Maa (Manjri Srivastava)

A always smiling and loving soul, she devoted all her life to family.

MA, B.Ed., had an option to do a PhD from BHU but left it for us.

The 4 of us played badminton, carrom, TT and many other games regularly.

She even did Paragliding, Scuba Diving, Rafting and other adventure activities with us.

Last year when many of my friends got bored of ‘dal chawal’ during lockdown she agreed to starting a youtube food channel. Here’s a glimpse of her:


Our Supporters


Our Supporters

Manish Srivastava

Our Supporter

Prateek Girotra

Our Supporter

Orthopedic Surgeon, Covid Warrior

Bal Bharti Academy (NGO)

Maninder Singh Nayyar

Our Supporter

Lawyer, NGO

A team of 100s of volunteers (IIT BHU, ISB, other IITs).

Per Centre Expenditure

Running Cost

      Appx INR 40-45 Lacs / Month for a 40 Oxygen Bed Centre.

The above expense will cover:

  • Room Rent
  • 3 daily meals and 2 times tea/snacks
  • Salary of Doctors, Nursing Staff
  • Housekeeping & Cleaning  
  • Safety kits for staff

Initial Setup Cost

Approx. 60L for 40 oxygen beds

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • A 10L concentrator costs around 1L, so 30-40L
  • Advance Rent of Hotel
  • Basic Medical equipment (Thermometer, pulse oximeter etc) & Medicine Stock
  • Oxygen Cylinders
  • Basic fixtures & equipment to be used for care delivery e.g. stand to deliver IV injections etc

Financial Model

We’re looking to raise a corpus of INR 5 Cr.

Appx INR 50 lacs for Initial Set up of one centre and INR 45-50 lacs for supporting one centre for next 3 months.

For Total 5 centers to support for next 3 months we require to raise INR 5 CR.

All funding is routed through the NGO – Bal Bharti Academy.

We are your soldiers on foot and need your support. Setting up and running a covid center requires massive funds as estimated above. So please do support us by contributing and also let your friends and family know about the fundraise as well as soon the availability of oxygen beds.

Please do not hesitate in putting PAN or PASSPORT details as this is Govt mandate for all NGOs.

Your Donation Of:

  • $1200 = 1 concentrator = 5-6 lives saved every months
  • $ 600 = 1/2 concentrator or 1 nursing & 1 housekeeping staff
  • Rs 25000 = 1 Junior Nursing Staff / 30 PPE kits
  • RS 10000 = 1 day medical supplies for 20 patients

Together we will definitely beat Covid!!