Conern - 2014


Concern 2014 was held on September 26 at FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi.

Long Since, there has been a dire need for an event that brings together Indian Universites close to thte students of the world, at large. There has been a lack of proper platform for interaction between Indian Universities and foreign education consultants and students. CONCERN 2013 was the bridge between Indian Educational Institutions and foreign consultants.


The time is reckoning us to prioritize the gargantuan problems facing the education sector.

India reaps the benefit of a demographic dividend of a large and young population. India is at the crossroads of opportunities and challenges; to grab them we need path-breaking innovations. Availability of finance for education needs urgent attention. In most developed countries, if a deserving student is unable to finance their education, he/she gets financing on easy terms, without collateral’s. In India, education financing is largely based on collateral’s provided by the student-invariably, by his/her parents.


Some important agendas are highlighted here in order to give awareness to all concerned

  • The need to reboot the education sector
  • From bookish to Real life skill knowledge
  • To provide greater autonomy to universities as well as colleges and have a sharper focus on equity-based development and improvement in teaching-learning quality and research
  • Knowledge development not grade development
  • Primitive education model among the 21st century generation won’t work


CONCERN Indian Education Innovation Awards is a mark of respect to those educationists who have dared to think beyond the contemporary style of imparting education. We believe it’s easy to follow the footprints and the path laid by others. Originality lies in innovation and that leads to a new creation. These creations leave a mark that can be followed by others to embark on a new success story.

CONCERN Indian Education Innovation Awards 2014 is a mark of respect to these innovators who each year writes these new success stories. They dream to create new bench-marks and at the same time innovates a new educational methodology that substantially improves the quality of education delivery mechanism enhancing the development of quality education, thus generating employable work force.